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FULL CASE TulAmmo UL038130 Pistol Ammo 38 Special 130 gr Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) - 1000rds

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FULL CASE (20x boxes) TULAMMO - UL038130

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If you are looking for accurate 38 Special FMJ for use at the range, order a few boxes of this consistent-shooting TulAmmo 130 grain 38 Special FMJ! Non-corrosive and dependable boxer primers and propellants make these 38 Sp FMJ cartridges an excellent choice for range training, recreational plinking, and even competitive shooting. With 50 rounds per box, you can load up your favorite revolvers and wheel guns time and time again. These dependable 38 Special FMJ cartridges use a non-reloadable steel case and non-corrosive boxer primers. Perfect for putting holes in paper targets, blasting cans off a fence, or even competing with friends or in a match. These Russian-made rounds can serve you well if you want to enhance your skills with your 38 Special revolver, or help a new shooter learn how a classic 38 special pistol shoots.