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About Us

Elijah (The guy that runs this website)

Elijah is the Co-Owner of and oversees the daily operations of the website.  Elijah and his team work to manage customer service, keep fresh inventory available on the site for awesome prices, and get everything shipped super quickly.


Elijah scours the planet looking for things to sell on the website.  He works tirelessly to provide a steady stream of awesome inventory to fill our warehouse with.  If you have inventory that you need to sell - reach out.  Dealer liquidations, estate buys, large collections, government liquidations, and more are right up Elijah's alley.

Jacob (We aren't sure what he does now that Elijah is taking over the website)

Jacob is the Co-Owner of  He is in the process of transferring full control of the website to Elijah.  Jacob is actually in the process of building a new and exciting business venture.


Jacob is a U.S. Army Veteran and is currently serving in the Indiana Army National Guard as a Major.  Jacob deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) in 2018.  In his current assignment he is a Logistics Officer that specializes in Aerial Delivery.  

Gideon (The guy that runs around the warehouse)

Gideon is the pallet manager for the warehouse.  He runs through the pallets searching for his tennis balls and ensuring the corners of every wooden pallet get chewed off.  He enjoys taking naps in inconvenient spots and has to be locked in the office area when delivery trucks are at the dock because he is a bit too excited to watch pallets roll in.


He is a good boy.