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Frequently Asked Questions

I am building this page.  More info coming soon!  - Jacob

Is your product in stock?
Yes!  Everything listed on the website is available.  There are rare instances where the software that tracks our inventory messes up and oversells by a box or two.  If that occurs we will let you know and refund the missing portion of the order quickly.  It is rare though.
Where is my order?
We generally ship everything within 1-3 business days.  We get a ton of orders and we ship them out fast.  You should receive an automated e-mail when your tracking number is generated.  It takes about an hour for that tracking number to show up in the FedEx system.  If you don't see movement on the tracking number after a couple of days let us know so we can figure out where the package is stuck.
Will you ship to California?
We are happy to ship to CA.  We just have to ship it to an FFL / COE that is willing to receive it for you.
Will you ship to New York?
If you are in NY State we can ship directly to you.  If you are inside NYC it has to go to an FFL that is willing to receive it for you.
My state requires me to show LTC, FOID, or similar document.  Will you ship to me?
No problem.  Use the "Contact Us" page to shoot me a message with your order number and we will reply with an email address that you can attach your documents to.