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USED - Police Trade-In DPMS A-15 5.56 NATO w/ Surefire Handguard & Law Enforcement Roll Marks

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DPMS - A15
All guns MUST ship to a valid FFL
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Additional Restrictions:
Check with your Local FFL to ensure State Legality

Out of stock - We are working to get more!

This is a stock photo.  They are all in nearly identical condition.  Old School Cool Police Trade in DPMS A-15 With Surefire Handguard and Law Enforcement Roll Marks! 

These rifles came from the Fargo Police department and look like they are straight out of a retro action movie. With a full length gas system and short 16" barrel, these bad boys have THE LOOK. They are all in fully functional condition with cosmetic wear from years of riding in a squad car. They are all chambered in 5.56 NATO and sport a nickel coated bolt for improved reliability. We have not tested the surefire m510/511 lights, but they all appear to be in functional condition.

The rifles all have the "Law enforcement only" Roll marks indicating they were manufactured during the infamous 1994-2004 Assault Weapons Ban. These rifles are not even comparable to the commercial grade DPMS rifles manufactured today. This rifle has the same feel and reliability as the classic colt 6920's. You wont be dissatisfied with this piece of Law Enforcement nostalgia, and if you are just wait until Brandon bans them again.


You MUST be 18+ Years old to purchase this item.  All firearms MUST ship to a current Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer local to you.


How to purchase:

1). Coordinate with your local FFL to ensure they are willing to accept a transfer.  There is often a fee for this.  All receiving fees are your responsibility.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your local dealer will receive the firearm.

2). You will need to provide the contact information, including an email address, for your local FFL.  We will coordinate with your local FFL to verfiy license validity.  We will ship the firearm to your local FFL for administrative processing.  We will NEVER ship a firearm directly to you.

3).  Once the firearm arrives at your local dealer you will be notified that it is ready to begin the transfer.  Your local FFL dealer will conduct a background check and/or any other steps to ensure you are eligible to take possession of the firearm in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws.  You CAN NOT take possession of the firearm until this step has been conducted.

4).  Once your local FFL dealer has completed all of the steps required to legally transfer the firearm to you they will allow you to pick it up.


If you do not provide contact information for a current and valid FFL dealer within 7 days we will cancel the order and refund your purchase price.

If you fail your background check we will arrange shipment back to us and you will be charged a restocking fee. 

Your local dealer will only release the firearm to the individual who purchased the firearm.  It is a FEDERAL CRIME to purchase a firearm for someone else in an effort to avoid conducting a background check.


Resources (links to US Govt. Sites):

National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) - FBI Site

Questions and answers regarding the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. - ATF Site



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